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Have you come across a person who is so spirituality anointed that when you put him inside a room of strangers, he’ll be friends with almost everyone in no time? Someone unbelievably grounded and charismatic that they can relate with anyone. Jesus came to earth to show all of us how to live this life, he was the perfect example for he was God incarnate (made man) and called all of us to follow his way!

A spirituality effective person achieves such greatness, basically because their spirituality catapults them to success in every area of life. They receive the trust and all-out support of the people, whom they had never met before through the power of the Holy Spirit. So they can never run out of help. They can do anything with the plethora of spiritual blessings behind them. All because they maximize their spiritual potential!

If you know your spiritual skills and make use of them you will then reach your highest spiritual effectiveness. Spiritual effectiveness is accomplished by giving up your material life and turning yourself over to the Will of God. If you become one of these spiritual-people, then there is nothing that will keep you from success, you just have to have Faith and follow Christ.