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  The Christian, of course, is committed to a life of growing quality. Jesus came that we might have life abundant, and both Old and New Testaments make it clear that the believer is to advance in wisdom and in favor with God and man. Solomon has already made it clear that the fear of the Lord is the beginning, or principle part, of knowledge, but now in chapter 2 he gives us a list of prerequisites, which are necessary to gain this key factor, which makes the believer’s life meaningful and purposeful. Notice that in verse 5 he says, “Then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.” What is that? It is what comes after one has fulfilled the conditions described in the first four verses. If we fulfill these purposeful living is guaranteed.

  The firsts prerequisite is that we must be- I. RECEPTIVE. This, of course, is the first requirement in gaining the benefits of any teaching or philosophy of life. Even God’s own children do not benefit by His abundant provisions if they do not receive them. Notice that the father recognizes that he cannot compel his son to receive his words. He can only seek to convince him of the value in doing so, and of the folly of not doing so. Receptivity is totally the responsibility of the individual. You can talk about giving your child an education, but this is not really accurate. All anyone can do is make an education available. Only the child can make it actual by being receptive to that which is made available. Knowledge and wisdom, like Christ, can stand at the door and knock, but they only gain entrance when we open the door and receive them.

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