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Christmas Today

If today Christ was to be born, how would we react to the reality of it? Maybe we should search ourselves in this senerio and live like mature Christians in the knowledge of God’s full glory. “Born to you this day, Emanuel (God with us)”, Christ lives with us today so let’s grasp this glorious blessing and live in the full glory of this revelation. Few have come to a complete understanding of this Christian truth, those that have went on to become great beacons of God’s light in the world.

Although we were not there that night we received Christ when we were born again. In fact we are able to have an even closer relationship with him than the his disciples did while he was alive. This is because his glory was cloaked in a mortal body and he spoke in parables until his true nature was revealed after his resurrection.

Through the Holly spirit we are able to have a personal relationship with him and walk in his steps daily. It is only when his glory shines forth that others may find salvation.

Here I shall attempt to to teach the spiritual truth of the hidden life with Christ. Most Christians barely have a grasp of of this great Christian truth, least of all been capable of living in full enlightenment of it. Perhaps it is because of stuffy doctrine they have failed to see the true power of dying to self and living in Christ that produces this spiritual blessing.

The true meaning of being born again is to die to self and live in Christ. This now becomes a personal experience for us as God becomes part of our every day lives. All his power and glory is now experienced in each and every moment of our life. As we walk with him the holy spirit guides us in his will for us.

As we continue to walk with him we are blessed with living waters that are ever flowing and refresh us each day. We then begin to shine forth light to the world, not that of our own but of his power and glory. We are a child of God and reveal him to the world just as Jesus did when he walked the earth.
The only way his light can shine forth is when we live consistently in the spirit. In other words if we are distracted by life’s little problems, we cease to be effective vessels for God’s light to shine forth in the world.

Just as Jesus was born to walk among us spreading the good news of salvation, we to must shine forth his glory and show others the way to salvation. We are commissioned to spread his word to all the world. As Jesus died for our salvation, so should we die to the world so that his light may shine forth so others might receive eternal life.